Walk fast forward
Need campus to get busy summer
Roof feelings
Is flowing slow
I would shout if am wrong.

Holding a pen and a diary.
Am not going to write,
Am jotting down how they will respond.
It is the 17th of October but I’m turning to the 30th November page.
Valid dates and days don’t matter,
Am really concerned about how and when I will throw
This letter of complaints if not a concern.

I want to be heard,
I need their attention,
I want to be the voice to death
Sound to those who don’t hear,
A rock painting for creativity.
Picture me if you can’t see.

It seems like these people are not here for me,
They will forever chit chat! Chit chat! And chit-chat!!
Hello!! Am here holding a message in my envelope,
A letter of feelings.

I care to share because I feel like I am not the only receiver of this letter,
Someone, somewhere, has this letter,
Understands its language, but fears reading it loud.
Am hear now like a Facebook notification – I’ve just reacted to your picture.
Am here, I would shout if I could.
I need someone to listen to the message in this letter of feelings,
I have feelings,
Written in this letter of feelings.