He is the reason I cry every night.
He is the reason I promise to never love again.
But don’t blame him for not loving me, maybe I’m just unlovable.
Maybe I’m just weird and no one can ever handle me.
Maybe I’m just a nuisance in everyone’s life.
Maybe that’s why they always break their promises and hurt my feelings.
People say I’m blessed to have a life like mine, honestly they don’t know what they’re talking about.
I’m a quiet broken girl.
They don’t know how I cry myself to sleep at night.
They don’t know how lonely I am.
They don’t know how I wake up every morning and put on a fake happy mask.
Some have told me to hope for the best and that everything will be alright.
But I’ve been hoping and hoping,
I’ve been waiting and waiting,
Instead of good luck, bad luck is what I’ve been getting.
Maybe happiness wasn’t meant for me.
Nobody knows what I have to face each and every night.
I’ve been quiet for too long.
I’ve played the strong and happy girl for too long
Now my heart is breaking like never before.
It’s unbearable, it’s hurtful.
I’ve lost trust in people telling me that they love me.
If I break any heart just don’t hold me accountable,
That wouldn’t be me but the monster inside me.
He has taken over me?
He rules me with absolute power
Now who am I to stop him?
I’m just unlovable
Don’t tell me that you love me cause I know you would be lying.
I’ve been dead for too long and nobody has noticed.