Let’s not talk of love
a game of lies
A relationship of worries
And a relationship of tries.
Cheating is part of a relationship
Where everyone practices it freely
No one is an exception
And it is not an option.

Let’s not talk of praying
A game of show off
Where everyone says they’re anointed
To be a man of God, they claim
And the gospel proclaims
However no one should be judged
Because no man prays better than another
No church is better than the other.
So let’s not talk of it.

Let’s not talk of it
I mean unforgiving
Everyone deserves a second chance
No man was born perfect
And everyone makes mistakes
Forgiveness should be a must
We all sin, we intend to wrong
Unforgiving should be erased.

Let’s not talk of it
I mean pride
That has grown all over the word
Making everyone proud of themselves
Everyone feels so important
They can’t dare try to apologize
Despite being wrong.