Let my anger not blind my judgements,
Let the empty streets be filled with joy and happiness,
Let the birds fly away and meet the sunrise,
Let the flowers blossom each and every morning.

Let each day be one day where all dreams are possible and can be accomplished,
Let my sorrow and pain show me that there is no easy way,
Let us gain from our gifts from God and not be ashamed.

Let our callings not go to waste that will damage our veins,
Let us speak in a language of love and marriage,
Let us be quality spirits and show Ubuntu to our neighbours,
Let our behaviour show respect and our upbringing,
Let us not hurt or desert others.

Let us be who we are even outside borders,
Let us not break in silence and be brave to stand up for what is right,
Let us be the generation of change and not be too arrogant to ask for guidance from our elders.

Let our actions bring the deepest smiles in our communities,
Let us be a motivation and inspiration to our siblings,
Let our voices be heard from miles away and across the ocean,
Let our ancestral lines be proud of who we are