Let tears came out
Let the pain roll out of your eyes
Let it rain so you can sow
New beginnings

Let that pain make us know the difference
Let it make us grateful
Let the pain shape us
Feel the pain now so that tomorrow you will tell us
The story of your life

Your success story is out of your comfort zone
Now stand up and fight for better tomorrow
Fight like the soldier you are –
now you are on your own, write you own story
You own your story – you are the storyteller
Time for you to write your history
Stand up and shine my star

Let your voice be heard
Speak up let your pain be felt
Be heard out loud
Let your message be heard correctly
Enough is enough let it be

We do not own pain and you do not own
Take back the imbokodo energy
Let the imbokodo spirit be revived
Fight against all things that makes you cry
Stand up and fight, no one can fight for you

You own your own
Take back the energy of imbokodo fight
This is your story
Here is the pen
Write your history