Our strength is buried within our souls
We seem powerless on the outside
But bear in mind we’re more than just strong
We’re fearless of whatever’s coming
We’re much willing to overcome
The obstructions and the objections ahead
We’re the mothers of this nation

Your underestimation can’t stop us we’re unstoppable
Your physical strength means nothing
We are born leaders
Look deeply in my eyes, I’m fearless
Bully my kindness I’ll show you no mercy
That gun pointing at my forehead doesn’t scare me
Pull the trigger, I’ll be free and you’ll feel the guilt
But I won’t be dead, I’ll be living against your will

Consider my tears as hatred not fear
I hate your actions but I’m not afraid
I’m a successful hustler I’ll hustle till forever
Disrespect me now and reconsider what the future holds
Let me remind you, this is not the end
This situation doesn’t define who we are
This is just an endless story
The conclusion is far from now

I believe the tables will turn
Many will recognize who we are
Your charm doesn’t make you a boss
We can’t obey your rules, you know why
Because we’re our own bosses
We live by our own rules
We’re distinct for greatness
We’re passionate for success
We follow our own lead

Putting an end to our beloved mothers and sisters
Doesn’t make you a king
Their souls are at peace
But yours will never find one
Their spirits will haunt you forever
We are our own heroes, we seek revenge
Revengers is our middle name
Beware we’re still taking power

Fellow South African women
Let’s rise and shine
Let’s show this world who we are
Let’s power our strengths and unite
Let’s rise upon the ranks of our great conquest
And conquer the world
We’re more than what we think
Let’s hold hands to show oneness
And walk together through this difficult situation

To all fellow South Africans
Let’s hold hands and pray
Let us pray for the next generation
They deserve to be free
They have to enjoy life like we did
We need to show love and respect one another
We shouldn’t allow the difference in our gender to be between us

South Africa unite
Be one again and fight this violence against women and children
In this point we have to be a team and work together
In this point we need to show full support and bravery
I know that you’re all brave enough to overcome this situation

To our beloved mothers and sisters
Whose lives has been given an ending
“May your souls rest in peace
We assure you justice will be taken
If not we will take it by ourselves”
This environment is no longer made for humans
Neither do we wish to be here
But we have no other option