Let me die not.
I still have that faith,
I still have that hope,
I still have that thought,
I still have that imagination,

Let me die not.
Although I’ve been through lot,
Although I’m a dead end,
Although I’m crucified already,
Although I’ve been through those storms and hails.
Although I said I’m done with life.

Let me die not.
Maybe I will rise again,
Maybe I will regain my gain,
Maybe I will recover myself,
Maybe I will manage this life.
Maybe it is a test, testing my eager.

Let me die not.
I will rise above high the clouds,
I still need this life,
I haven’t left a mark yet.
This world, my world, our world,
Is longing for my knowledge,
Like a bird longing for its mother,
I will feed it to them.

Let me die not.
I am not yet ready to die.
Although I have called thee death my supporter.
Take me not but bear with me….
Be my rescue when I’m covered with lead,
When I’m surrounded with thorns,
When my days are dark clouded,
When my nights and days are the same.
When I think to think but fail to think the think think, I mean brain-dead.
Let Me die not.
But death be my supporter.