Let me be
Let me do what I love
Let me follow my dreams through passion
Let me dwell in the house of the Lord
As he aligns my thoughts with great thoughts
Let me be

Let me praise for all I care
Let me leave a mark in people lives
Let me be the change in your family
Let me be myself
Let me be
Let me do something that am passionate about
Let me write and perform
‘Cause that’s what makes me happy

Let me be…Let me be a poet
Let me have fans
Let me get the support that you refuse to give me out there
Let me be a poet a singer an artist
Let me be the face of your family
Let me be the change
Let me be joy you ever wished
Let me be the blessing you ever prayed for
Let me be the answer you ever asked
Let me be

Please understand me
Please know me
Please hear me out
Please support me
Please love me
Please don’t oppress me
Please don’t kill my dream
Please love what I am doing
Please please please let me be a poet