I have tried many times
But I failed with distinction
I thought it would work
I was waiting for a ship
At the airport
My tears mean nothing

Suicide was popping into my head
Hatred was taking place
Each and every day was hard
Judgements and criticisms
Are part of my life
I had nobody to talk to
Every bad thing coming my way
I hide it in my soul
And I put the smile on my face
I hide the sadness

Until I became a writer
That’s when I got my freedom
Now I have two best friends
Pen and paper
Whenever I get tired
And words are flowing in my head
I take pen and paper to
Free my mind, by putting
My stress on the paper
Playing with words it’s
The healing of my soul
I’m a magician

Let it be
Let it rain I’m ready
I’m fearless
Even though I seem like
A powerless man
Inside I’m a beast
I have a purpose to be alive