It’s not a matter of how long ago he was born, let him go
If he doesn’t take it, don’t live under the umbrella of sacrifices.
Never try to slaughter your mere soul, which you can’t see,
There could be happiness on your face but the heart can tell how you lie.

Let him go, those bruises will make you like a black snake in the bush.
Fight of your partner will let those children believe in boxing and
Punching bags. And you’ll be asking yourselves where did they learn?
Let him go if he gives you a pillow of lies and secrets,
Make like you have an eye with the saliva of a snake.

He can’t be a king while he’s a commoner, your blood
Needs to run nice. And you also make yourself look like a car
With a spare wheel.
Not for so long you’ll be chanting all his bad habits, forgetting to
Call a spade a spade. Let him go and let Him be with you,
He shall walk you through the narrow road.

Perseverance brings success but sometimes brings problems.
What’s good to you will be good to thy soul,
Close the scaries and open the romances.