Why hold on to yesterday?
Why dwell on the things of the past,
that brought nothing but sorrow,
filled your soul with tears and
pain unbearable, why hold on to yesterday,
Why burden yourself with the effects of life
that you can never change,
never control?

Why dwell in the past that brought
bittersweet memories,
Why reside in the fault of yesterday,
that surrounded you with negativity and hopeless faith,
Why endure a feeling that drives you
back and forth like a roller coaster,
Why hold on to anger that’s piercing
through your heart and feels like life is
taken from from you?

Why let the misfortunes of the old define you?
Just like the leaves out of season they wither,
Clouds into the night, they fade
So does the misery of yesterday, like stream in summer
it dries out, so do the failures of the past,
Like buried cobs they decompose and never to return,

Don’t give power to what has passed,
Don’t pay attention to what has been done,
Focus on what is to come, opportunities missed are
opportunities forgotten, free yourself from what was and make way
to what today, tomorrow and the future holds,
let go of the old and welcome the new
Don’t hang around the spoils but embrace the freshness of life