Most girls are fighting; compromising everything, trying to be main “chicks”, to men who cheat. Where’s the reality?

After experimenting; I realise now, that no man is ever really worthy. Only God is, and only self-love is the requisite.

My father once told me something. He said boys will take you on a dangerous trip…”Be careful. If it’s not sickening. They’ll do something that will definitely kill your spirit.”
I guess he was talking from the reflection of his own experience.

I don’t know why girls stick with it. Desperate for love, in spite of the circumstances. The typical girl will give up her dreams, regardless the consequences.
And I’m not just pointing fingers. I’m also part of the system.
I’m speaking in the midst of the situation, not just standing at a distance.

Therefore, with all the masses, I bare a resemblance. Between me and most girls, there is no big difference.
To judge somebody else, would just cause me to fall into the same pit.
So I’ve learnt to observe without evaluating.
After all, we are the same human fabric. Individuals in creation, but equals and kindred.

I only pray that my perception is clear, not static.
Most people are hiding behind unrighteous logic.
I’m less offensive, and meeker. Having realised that you can’t justify guilt.
So always confess it.

I’m open; mind, heart and spirit.
Whatever the topic; I’ve mastered how to communicate it. For me it’s always up for discussion, nothing is a secret.
After all; all of life is graphic, and every human is here to pick up their Lesson.