In life we ought to make even choices but we make odd ones instead we make choices that are unnoticed
and unannounced to ourselves we just don’t care about the outcomes

Many of us go wrong in the recipe of life we sometimes forget that we are cooking we cook to get finished products at the end but not all of us get what we cooked in the first place because we use our own recipe in mind
instead of the given one

We take shortcuts in life instead of the long ones we forge bridges to take us across
instead of us going in and through at the end we say, “I didn’t have a choice”
forgetting that we all have choices in life the choice might not have seemed to be there
but if we used our brains instead of our hearts we would think of all the choices available around us

We always think about what someone else
would do in our situation but forget to think about what we can do we see much value in others but not ourselves we can’t make decisions without other people’s approval we enjoy sitting in warm chairs but do we ever wonder
who warmed up those chairs we’re sitting in?

We love eating things we never cooked not even wondering who cooked the food Time is no more to cry for the lost one but we can always use what’s left to make up for what’s lost