Life is full of joy, happiness, sorrow and pain.
All this is linked with our daily lives.
When we face uncertainty, dreams vanish.
Hoping becomes useless.
Until we find a link or connection that binds us
To the rest of the world. Our pain and suffering
Shows us that we are stronger than we ever imagined.
Love and joy shows us that we can put a smile
On even the broken ones.

We are more than what we are passive about.
Life is a journey.
So little we know about ourselves yet so much
We have invested in ourselves.
Having faith is a key to our survival.
Imagination is better than knowledge.
Never seek any acknowledgement.
What you dream of, have a vision for it.
Also a bit of faith as it will work as key
To the doors that are yet to be opened
In this chapter of your life.

Live your life like it is the last day on earth.
Go after every opportunity and make it count.
Never be an enemy of yourself.
When you wake up do not forget to smile because
You are worthy of living and your life is just beginning.
Have an open heart and clear mind.