You fed me over and over when there was no food
Raised me high and strong after that kick
You took us from the deep wet clay
Like a diver when they’re saving somebody’s life
You relieved my mom from stress
You made mom’s kitchen smell delicious food
You showed yourself up with various diet balances,
When mom had no were to go.

You are the reason we are giants today
We never took you simply when you came small
Because even dynamite comes in small packages.
Left overs you saved mom’s money so that she can educate us.
You boasted my mom’s groceries
You taught me the importance of not wasting.
Thank you for being there for us.
Thank you for your support.
I thank you for your hospitality after that kick of the horse.
Thank you for loving my late mom.
May her soul rest in peace in God’s right-hand.

You left man of character.
You left the spirit of sharing.
You left the good in my life.
You left the heart of giving.