Beyond the stars at night
I try to seek
Perhaps I can see and find you
Perhaps I can call you to come home

Beyond all emotions
Sorrow troubles me
For you are gone
And never coming back

Lying on your hospital bed
I was somewhere doing useless things
But I could’ve spent time with you
But now it’s too late, I wasn’t at your side when you passed

14th OCT 2014 was supposed to be a special day
For I was turning 17
But instead, you chose the very same day
To finally close your eyes

How I wish I could have known you better
How I wish I could have said “I love you”
But it’s too late
How I wish

They say you are in a better place
For how can I know?
For how can I be surely assured?
But I will try to believe

I still remember every moment we spent together
I Miss your smile, laugh & your heart of gold
Am glad I have these memories with you
Memories that I will always cherish for the rest of my life

Lee, you touched a lot of lives
But I guess God has touched yours
I still pray for you
Every day and every night

A loving daughter
A loving mother
A loving sister
You were to all of us

Dad and Mum miss you
Your brothers and Sisters Miss you
Your son Miss you
We all miss you

Words We Should Have Told You
We should have told you how much you meant to our lives, maybe where you are you would have gone with smiles, we should have told you.