Learn to speak in silence.
With many syllables
But no voice.
Clear messages
but no sound.

Speak with actions
With syllables so big.
Yeah, speaking is an action
But do that in silence
Put your mouth on suspense
Let your heart work overtime.

Learn to speak
And stop talking.
Let love be your:
And feet.

Let your mind:
And kiss.

Let your face:
And free
Those captivated by hate and lies.

This time, live life as if everyone’s life is yours,
Be a moving life
Like water that pours.
Walk on love like on the earth
You have no other option.

Take everyone’s heart as your portion,
Calculate everyone’s worth as yours
Let that be your math,
In that, be bold like a lion that roars.

In all of this,
You’re not doing anyone a favour,
You are just living,
You are just being,
Take this as a tune
And just sing,
See this as water
And just swim.

So let’s speak in a loud silence
Value your very presence
In the eyes of your neighbours
Live as if you are others…

Because you are,
Please see that.
For now,
Speak in silence.