Remember so many joints that burnt
To this record right here,
Just me and my cousin
Going back to classics
Late night rambling
English words in a pedi tone
Because the whiskey
Done fucked up the logic in everything,

Everything was just blurry,
Talking ‘bout how we done left the hood
Only to hustle money for weed and the next bottle,
Not even a year down
I managed to bust my ass at the pumps
Pouring petrol for like 900 in two weeks,
The tips was good
And the attention from all the women driving cars,
Thinking they could spin on this body
Was nice,

Could have sworn shit was put together
Before I even got here,
Now Nissan is calling,
It looks like my CV didn’t go unnoticed
Excitement fills my limbs, and shit,
All I can think about is drinking,
And I feel like I should quit smoking as well,
Go legit or some shit
After all I’m not good for nothing,

Looks like Imma be able to take care
Of my baby after all
My woman and I would cuddle and talk
About this shit while he earjacks and kicks
And sure, he was saying, “Daddy a legend.”
Shit was beyond my youthful dreams,
They say that there’s a moral to every story,
And if I told you how many times I got fucked,
You’d probably be motivated and stay strong,

But this ain’t that and you should probably
Take a seat and listen cos
I only ever tell these stories once,
And I’m sure you only got this far
Because something tells you,
You gonna get something here.