You know, I dreamed about you today,
my sweetheart.
Your hands, hugging me tightly,
almost to the point of pain.
As if you are afraid to let go
even for a second.

Your fingers entwined in my hair.
Your kisses …
You kissed me with an unthinkable greed,
almost with anger.

It doesn’t matter what is around
the universe, cities or people.
If only I could be with you right now.
Just for a moment
to hold you tight,
so you know I’m there for you.

So that you can feel me even at a distance
of ten thousand kilometres away.
You know, I don’t want to know anything
about what’s going to happen.
I don’t want to lift the curtain
and see the future.

I just want you to be happy today.
Here and right now.
I want and will fight to victory
for your smallest happy smiles,
even if it is fleeting.
Because nothing is more important to me right now.
than that you can reciprocate with your love,
before the last drop of tears takes it all away.