The heart is an important organ
In the human body because it is
Not controlled by what is said but to
Through emotions.

As the night sky sparkles with stars
Dancing to the moon’s tune, there’s
Someone alive and awake witnessing
This beauty and reflecting on this
The sun and moon are like husband
And wife. They communicate through
Means of the change in weather and
Give one another space to excel in their
Different time zones.

The heart is one precious organ that leads
Us to love or learn lessons. At times we tend to
Instantly fall in love with strangers
That only come for motive and memory .
Love is a big word that carries weight and is
Not easily said because one can say it but do
They actually feel it.

At times we tend to bring out the worst in
Each other because of our egos and actions.
Thus resorting to foul things being said and
A negative energy being created called regret.
Although we move on and carry on with our
Lives we must bear in mind that we cannot
Face tomorrow with today’s issues.

A change must occur .Who do you turn to,
Do you blame the ones around you or do you
take response for your doings. Whether you
Choose to live in self- wallow because of
Character, it all begins and changes with you