In my sleep I still see her beautiful smile,
Her face with dimples from a mile.
I can still hear her cry
I still have a clip in my mind
Of that day she disappeared
Without even saying goodbye.
The last day I last saw her with my bare eyes.

The day screamed…
She screamed her last voice
but no one heard her,
yelled so loud begging for a chance to live her
life but they couldn’t let her.
They were all watching and listening
To her call for help but no one responded to her,
No one helped her.
They didn’t help her because of her colour,
The same colour they used to bully her with,
insult her, telling her that she was bad luck
in the community and should be permanently removed.
Well, I hope now you know more they’re happy

They were all watching when men in a blue private car took her.
She had a life.
She would have been someone’s wife
It’s been 25 years now and her body’s still missing.
Her blood was found in a hut
belonging to a traditional healer yet no one is in jail,
because they said “there’s no much concrete evidence to arrest”

Bawo baxolele
Kuba babengakwaz’ ababekwenza,
Basazikhusela ngelithi babesebenza.
They were just so foolish to believe that my sister’s body parts
Would make them rich or bring them luck.
Kalok’ ezeth’ iinyembezi ziyathetha,
Nqwa neleth’ igazi livus’ unembeza.
Ndisakholel’ ukuba ngeliny’ ilanga
Nowakh’ umbulali nomalan’ uzaziveza.
I hope Justice will be served,
Till then I will continue telling your story
To save my other brothers and sisters with Albinism.