Lady with a perfect smile,
More appealing to those with evil intentions.
Been through a lot but able to hide the pain with a beautiful smile.
Fully scarred, tormented by the thought of her past relationship while trying to pick up the pieces Of her broken heart.
I know your heart seek peace,
I know you seek happiness out of heartaches just let me help.

I’ve seen this before,
I know this kind of pain.
just let me help.
pretending to be strong but I can see your shattered soul,
I can see the pain in your eyes.
Just let me help.

You have endured pain; you have endured disappointment but you held on.
You have been promised heaven on earth,
the sun & the moon only to find pain lurking around.
I’ve seen it before,
I’ve heard it before.
just let me help.

I’m no doctor, I’m no psychiatrist but I can help mend a broken heart.
I can show you the way of recovery, I can lift your spirit & give you a joy of life.
Just let me lend you a helping hand.
Just let me help.