When sadness falls on our fertile lands
Pain is never late to
Arrive and knock on our hearts

Though we may try to seek for peace
Sadness still puts feelings within us
That makes tears fall from our
Eyes, and run fast like Usain Bolt towards the
Finishing line of our lips.

They say ‘pain is inevitable in our lives’
I say there is only one person, the one who
Is the creator, juju of the jujus

For us, the doctor of the doctors,
The king of the kings on earth,
The one who is more powerful
Than a lion, the one whose
Well-known by both living and
Non-living things, though we have
Not seen him yet with our own,
Naked eyes from the day we
Jumped out of our mother’s womb.

Though we haven’t met him in person, texted him using our
Cell phones heard his voice in our
Ears, even though our ancestors claim
He is the one who doesn’t need
The media to publicise him.
But only read his words daily.

He is the one who never
Disappoints us like those fake
Friends that keep on attracting
Our tears from the corners of our eyes