Humiliation and Rejection
Mocking laughter and sarcastic smiles
Blood, blood and broken bone
Iron claws and blooded spikes
Burning shame and piercing pain
Burst eyes crying blood
A joker and a clown
I let him take away my crown

Fear and sadness
Depression and desolation
A soul filled with holes
A heart crushed
under feet full of ashes and thorns
Burnt away, a field of nothingness
A desert,
A wilderness
full of skulls and clavicles
Yawning jaws
filled with teeth and sharpened needles
Turning to the left
Running to the right
Crawling around looking for salvation
Voices saying I’m beyond redemption
Thoughts of death wrapped in suicide
He lied and took away my right to live
Choking on pains and deeds gone past
Condemnation in the back
Accusations in the front…
A storm destroying me into rubble,
thrown away without value

He lit a fire under me
and slowly watched me burn
He tied me
and drowned me in horrors of my own imagination
Illusion and failed hopes
He lied to me and I believed him
Stupid, stupid me, oh how I believed him

Alas! One day a river overflew
and in my darkened corner
His water slowly seeped in
Washing away all lies and giving me worth
as sweet as honey, so filling and satisfying
So edifying, sanctifying
So purifying, so dignifying
A river so wide flowing endlessly
Drove out my paralysing fear
Strengthened me and opened my eyes to my worth

I crawled till I could stand
I stood till I could walk
I drank till I was drunk
I took back my kingdom
I took back my crown
And sat on my throne
A queen bejewelled with boldness and faith
Flowing gowns weaved with love and grace
Sandals made of wisdom and understanding

I burst out and could not be silenced
I spoke and shame went running
I ate his words
Scrolls and scrolls I ate gluttonously
Day in and day out I ate and did not stop
I set the joker alight with His word
I decapitated the clown with a double edged sword
I spoke and spoke
I believed and I walked
I warred and paid him back for his lies
I raged in anger like a bull I saw red
I brought war to his door and set his little kingdom ablaze
I slaughtered and took back my peace
I fought and pushed till I could kill devils in my sleep
I took back what was mine
Every hour my salvation is revealed
Gently I found my rest
And a hundred-fold, what was mine was given back to me…