Always being new
Here I am once
In the same situation again
I feel so lonely cause
I know I have nobody
Every time we move
I just have to go with the grove
Other kids don’t like me
Every time we move
It’s just me, myself and I, no one else
They think I’m a spoilt brat and a rich girl, well I’m not
I too need some love and caring
During interval they’ll just throw me a grim and walk away
That makes me so sad
It makes my emotions go mad
Life here is so unfair
That sound I hear whispering in my hair
Finally when I thought
Things were going alright there was a sign on my back saying “kick me”
Reality ruined my life!
It feels like I’m constantly playing a game that I’m destined to lose
Every time I have to move
It’s just the same kinda grove