Your quietness during the day
Makes you innocent. The engines
Rev, dogs bark at night makes
You strange. Though your dusty
Roads groomed the stars. The
Smell of chicken dust and
S’khambani at the corner
street gives me an urge.

You people who wake up in
The early morning. Pick up
Old tins and plastics for
Recycling just for them to
Put food on the table –
Gives me hope.

To all the kasi guys at
Corner msawawa fruit shop –
Big up. Our kasi old ladies
At their little braai stands
With their hot runner ways –
I salute.

I salute you because you are
Doing something for your lives.
To our parents who are not tired
About gathering themselves for
Small scale farming at that kasi
Open field – know that you humble me.

To kasi kids who are going to school
In those torn shoes and t-shirts make
Life better for yourselves and others
With your pen and paper in that
Vandalised school building.

To all kasi people make that dark kasi
Brighter, don’t leave it to the suburbs.
Support the ekasi business hustlers
And gurus. Turn that kasi dumping
Place into farmland.

Change that tavern into a bookshop.
Twist that kasi stripping house
Into a community theatre. Fill that
Kasi open space with a home of sport.
I’ve seen DJ S’bu
Selling his book copies in taverns.
Selling from the back boot of cars.
Selling books like vegetables and

Instilling a dynamic culture, executing
A strategy of a rocking marketing goal.
It all started with one step, my kasi kids.