Death is a lonely spirit that only seeks company
Instead of using a gentle approach, it forces itself
Into our precious lives to rob us of our harmony

It is envious, and falls easily jealous of intimate lovers
It squeezes itself by force in the middle band
Forces both partners to suffer agony that it suffers

The agony of being alone in this massive world
The agony of not finding warmth in this world that is freezing cold

Death is like a thief at night
It sneaks into our lives with intentions that are never right
It is a pirate that comes only after our treasure
It brings along with it, adversity, agony and unbearable pressure

All that I am saying my love, is that it stole you away from me
Unexpectedly and too soon
Now days and nights have successfully passed by and
I have still seen the sight of your moon

I used to be in love with the sound of your voice, but now
I am slowly forgetting the feeling of vibrations within me
That used to be caused by its tune

Because they say absence makes the mind forget, and
This is turning out to be evidently true
Idealists found me sobbing and have advised me that
This could be a chance for me to start over with someone new

But how do I let you go when I have started falling in love with you?