She found her beloved gone.
Her mother’s voice full of anger.
Leading all the blame to her
For the death of her brother.
Her careless brother.
She’s just a young, teen girl.
But she carried the heaviest baggage.
Heavier than the one carried by a camel
Her heart bleeding and painful like it was stabbed.
Why is life so unfair?

Just as you start to enjoy it
The tables turn to a disastrous storm.
They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade.
But what if it throws you rocks.
What should you make out of them?
Now that life is throwing rocks to her
Her parents abandoned her.
As they blame her for the death of her brother
They call her cruel names
Telling her to leave their house.
Well, she did just that.
With no shoulder to cry on
Except for her one and only friend.
Her friend helps her and her friend’s parents
Take care her like a child of their own