Just look at her,
our Caster Semenya,
who faced a testing time
in a world insensitive
to anything unlike.

Just look at her
amidst a doping scandal.
Our BRICS partner
in strong denial
(A fine example to the youth).

(Are they swimming in it?
her decrier reckoning.
There is no other way
to do it).

(Perchance it was
the pharmaceuticals
speaking their mind).

Our Caster could gloat,
what with her detractor,
a gold medallist
herself, now facing
a testing time.

Thankfully we have
a strong constitution.
(The country comes first,
all folks being equal
though some seem more).

Thankfully we have
Ubuntu and all that.
We forgive and forget.
(For apartheid allies,
we have a Sports Hall of Fame).

Just look at her now.

Caster ‘cheated’ out of gold and ‘Alarmed’ Coe seeks doping answers from Russia (Cape Times, November 10, 2015), and Coe hardly trying to prove athletics is safe in his hands (Argus, November 11, 2015). The ‘just look at her’ remark is Semenya’s disparager’s.