I was sitting by the window
Writing a letter to a stranger.
I’m not alone, so extravagant from now on!

You wrote me a couple of tender lines.
I was confused by inspiration.
And through the distance
Your syllables penetrated my soul
Dissolving it through the mirror.

I am without a faithful friend like a needle without an eye.
Boredom just overpowered me.
Come back it’s sadder for me to live without you.
I miss you very much.

I miss your tender words and warm smile.
Your kind eyes and faithful support.
Strong hugs and emotional conversations.
It seems like quite a bit of time has passed without you.
Tired of counting the minutes spent separately.

It seems to me the universe has stopped the time.
I miss you.
With words it is almost impossible to describe
The feelings that now overwhelm me.
Because without you there is only a part of my soul.
One half is not quite comfortable without the other.