Your name never stops ticking
Inside my head like a clock for it
Is what I meditate as I breathe
My mouth never gets tired of
Speaking your love for it is my
Authorised language as I live
My brain never stops dreaming
About your love for you are the
Creator and author of my dreams
My heart never stops pounding
For you for your love eliminates
All the sadness inside my soul
My hands never stop touching
Any segment of your body for
It is always soft like a pillow
My lips never stop kissing
Any makeup of your neck for
It flowers my lips with love
My arms never stop hugging
Your fresh for it aromatises my
Complex Body with undying love
My eyes never stop watching your
Beauty for it is my favourite movie
That abolishes all the pain in me
My eyes never get tired admiring at
Your well-being for it is my Favourite
Picture that never loses any angle my eyes
As we walk together during
The night, your presence lighten
Up my way like the moon and stars
When I look into your glittering eyes,
I always see how nicely I fit in your
Body like a wedding ring on your finger
As I walk slowly with you like a snail
During the daylight, that’s when my
Mind tells me “no man is an island”
Because of you, I shall victimise myself on
The cross like Jesus Christ so as to create
Our Land of milk and honey like Canaan
For I was blind in the past, now I
Have regained my sight because
Of your existence in my life