I walked through these gates
Four decades ago
I knew in my heart
That I would call it my home

With a sprinkle here
And a sprinkle there
Eventually bam!
There was a brand new magical chair

Seated in the corner
Near the sink I have sat
For many a decade
And different coloured mats

With different coloured shoes
Walking in year by year
I kept my kitchen spic and span
So that I could never fear
Any scorn
Any side daggered looks
However, instead I would cheer

“Is djy mal?
Maak reg daar skoon.
Wat gaan die mense dink?
Ek is soma skim?”

And so I would carry on
Year in and year out
Until my final day came near
And I would bow out…

I’ll leave with a smile
Yet deep in my heart I will cry
As a piece of my journey
Has waved me goodbye

We said goodbye to the queen of Bontas
A few months ago
And today it’s my turn
To accompany her on that road

Yet I have my own journey to follow
Without tear and sorrow
I now bid you all goodbye
As I exit E. A. Janari gates
And say bye, bye…