So close, yet so far
So bitter, yet so sweet
What can I say?

I watch you bloom into a beautiful flower.
Oh, how I wish I could hold you right now.
To pick you from the garden and take you for myself,
For you to be cherished and nurtured by me.

Your soft petals caress my skin
Yet I never let you too close
For I fear,
I fear that you are too delicate,
almost too surreal for me

I would scar you with my sharp thorny branches
With just one touch from me,
you would wither into nothingness.

A pity my mind cannot seem to register the risk of it all,
But you are so close, yet I’m miles away
So sweet, yet I’m venomous.
Your delicacy, sweet scent and vibrancy –
they lure me into your trap.

Your fiery red center represents the passion I share for you,
trapped in the deepest depths of my soul –
almost like a caged bird
Blazing hot like a wildfire,
not even the waterfall can put it out.

However, thoughts of escaping the cage
cause whimpers of fear to roll off my tongue
Fear of blazing out,
with no source of replenishment.

Your soft blue layers
they cover me like a warm embrace,
thick like a blanket,
creating an unexplainable warmth
to rush throughout my body.
Beautiful swirls of blue hue,
that almost remind me of the ocean –
striking as ever.
As I trail my sharp thorns carefully across them,
I can’t help but think…

Your vibrant colours seem to be
your biggest lure – my biggest boon
They attract me like a bee during pollen season
I cannot seem to repel from you.

The sun comes and goes,
burning holes through our souls,
yet my flower remains still,
not a single petal out of place.

The winter comes and freezes the forest,
suffocating one with its cold harsh breeze,
No glimmer of hope left for those of us,
without enough layers to keep warm.
However, when I look through the now darkened forest,
I find you standing there still,
unfrozen and unfazed by the intense breeze,
still beautiful as ever,
I know that the forest will make it through,
The heart of the forest – you – still bright as ever
in this Godforsaken condition.

I watch you from afar,
and my heart almost leaps out of my chest.
When spring comes around,
rain pours down the forest,
the sun shining bright as ever above the trees,
and all I can think of,
is how much more beautiful you’ve become

Seasons have changed,
Rivers have overflown,
some dried,
birds have come and gone,
different flower species have perished,
some reborn, some forgotten
but against it all,
you still manage to entice me with your inner being.