Do you remember our promise?
The things we said we’d cherish
Then we watched them perish
How did the feeling just vanish?

To this day I’m still astonished
Cupid’s reputation was tarnished
So drunk in love I was foolish
Ours seemed like it’d never be finished

Somehow we just killed it
An end without a full stop
But at the end everything should stop
We had the warmth of a food shop

Too good to think it would ever stop
Too real to think it would ever flop
Screws in our heads both popped
I heard these days you just sob
Letting bad blood flow

You heard my temper became short
Those near me get shocked
In my dreams I get choked
How I wish to just get stopped
End it all with one shot
Throw myself in a hot pot
On my way to Hell to book a spot
Sorry I played you like a sport