Wherever one may go
Spirit’s peace dwells in the most

To travel for a day and a half
One must be completely still

To find acceptance is to find one’s self,
I am that I am, that you are that I am.

The Wild Coast roars and calls upon
Departed spirits to heal Eastern Azania.

Dogged determination may take us from far flung corners
Into the mainstream realm of society’s higher echelons.

Hobeni. Cwebhe. Emadwaleni. Mbhashe.

All threaded by a lump of pure intention,
Yearning for youth to come back from eGoli
To fulfill love’s promises.

Truly, one’s birthmark, designed on steep inclines,
Savage untarred roads, uBuntu, sea breeze, exploration,
Presidential lineage, hiking trails, promise of development,
Isolation, fertile land, sacred fellowship whispers to my soul;
Telling me I am already home.

Elliotdale, you are home to lost young boys such as I.