On the strings of my guitar
These fingers move
As if I’m washing your tears away
From your cheeks.

A smooth melody in my head
While I reflect deep through your eyes
I slowly connect with the beating of your soul.

This heart of the writer pokes
Your dark poles into colour,
Allow me to expose who I am
To your village.

For who we are about to become
Is more than a framed, painted portrait.
Don’t lemme face the beauty of the sun alone
Instead of lightning, that storm,
Climbing up mountains through rain,
Is the core code I want to mend/feel
With you everyday in this adventure
For the after rainbow we choose.

Hurry, come closer to my presence
You’re already near to unveil my scars (naked)
Don’t be afraid to share yours,
‘Cause that’s what I need
To microscope the map of our journey
Through/from our bodies.

You have fed the spark in my heart,
Now all the roses in my garden
Have been ignited into flames
Do not deprive me of your waters.