It’s a dog’s life
The hawking almost over
And poles are soon to go
Back to the everyday

Back to the everyday
Of your Lavender Hill
Where a dog gets stabbed

Back to the everyday
Of your Manenberg
Where a dog is stoned

Back to the behaviour
Our youth and our young
Imitate and emulate

It’s a dog’s life
The SPCA has had to
Resort to lampooning
To get your vote

A ‘Vote for me’ poster
Lobbying for attention
Beside politicians promising
(And now bargain-hunting)

The organization asks
Humanity out there
To adopt a dog
(It’s a dog’s life)

(A letter-writer compelled
To rage to bang fists
And is deeply ashamed
At being part of the species
Named Homo sapiens)

Vote for me
A dog up a pole
Waiting in vain
Like us natives
Post- August 3

It’s a dog’s life
See “Baffled by humans”,
Cape Times Letters to
the Editor, July 22 2016.