patriots blind
and others
see a light

a metaphor
for change
and the changing
of the guard

(though the guards
seem more to have
let in all and sundry
for thirty pieces
of the proverbial silver)

It started on time
says a news person
on SAFM morning radio
she not too sure whether
to laugh or cry

in incredulity
in disbelief
in amazement
in astonishment

some even
sceptical doubtful
suspicious too
(women and children beware
of prophets and profits untrue)

a statement of intent
is the comment from
an ageing male-head
(he re-invented many
through the years)

(a much younger fellow
the opposition so-called
does what he does
earning his keep)

It started on time
(a fashionable declaration)
no African time here
believe it or not