Pale but blue it matched the colour of my face
“Say It!”
It was a sweet innocent voice from afar
It did not match the sky and its blazing noise
The thundering noise, the scattered lightning.

She called to apologise, I was blinded by rage
So headstrong, I was too self-made
So much pleading, I replied devilish like a tone so vague.

Emotions had no voice
Feelings had no thoughts
If thoughts had feelings this paper would be filled with so much emotion
If emotion had a voice words would be said with so much passion.

The pause of words and breaths that we exchanged,
With eyes closed, thoughts opened by imagination
The gracious voice bringing me back to reality.
Words with so much passion, heard and embraced.

Like boxers who exchange fists;
Her words carried pain that weighed on my ears.
My long restraint to reply carried the weight of disappointment.

All this was led by failure to meet one’s promise and desire.
Disappointments were the clouds for the day’s depression,
Where someday in the future; reminiscing about the failed incident,
Mistakes and lessons concur.

If feelings were puddles I would have ignored stepping over them,
But fate is like a car it comes and splashes.
But as humans we cannot avoid the inevitable,
We end up catching the feelings that come with the promises and desires.

Love and hatred are forever in dispute;
Like the sun and moon, never see eye to eye.
When some stars lie, others rise.
Like the dawn of a new day.
All will forever be in dispute.