I’m used to things not going my way
I don’t know which is the right way
The freeway or the highway
Whatever is, I always learn the hard way

Can I be perfect just for the sake of it?
I mean…
To have everything, things going smooth
And it…
This life I’ve got for all that happens may I plan it.

A past is what I won’t change
Could it be I’m blind because I can’t see my future?
I keep reminding myself of long gone headaches
And all that’s worse than heart breaks

Honestly I wasted what could’ve changed my life
Now I’m lonely with one friend I like to call strife
It’s tough…
Smiling and pretending to laugh
I can tell you now I miss my job as a runner
I miss being a griller.
I miss working in a restaurant when the phone rang
And someone placed an order
I was the one who was going to deliver.

I loved my job as a waiter
Not about as much as earning big bucks
Having a nice paying job
The restaurant industry had me like
“Oh my God, I’m in love and I’m stuck”
One false move and I’ll find myself lost in a fog.

And I have…
Trouble just comes around like it’s different flies
One at a time
Wish I had one of those sprays that kill all insects
Problem solved
I really wished I have everything one wanted
Wish I live the way I want to live
Wish my life was perfect to be exact
I wish I was stress-free in fact
I wish my heart was full of happiness and it was packed
Wish I had a big joyful pulse in me
And veins were tickling like they could crack

But whenever someone in my family passes away
Every now and then
I feel like a building that has collapsed
I need to start from scratch