It is too soon to say goodbye
Days passed and turned into weeks
Weeks passed and turned into months
Months passed and turned into years
But can’t get you out of my head

It’s been a while that you were gone
But it feels like you were just with me yesterday
It feels like you are always here with me,
And that’s what keeps me going
And that’s what makes me sad even more

Why do I have to feel your presence only,
Instead of touching you and feeling your
Soft beautiful hands in mine, it was too damn soon to lose you
I’m too young to experience such tragedy

Dreaming about you and seeing you
Unexpectedly in my room at night doesn’t only satisfy
My soul but also makes it scared

I know it was too soon for you to leave the beloved Earth
But it is also too soon for me to experience such!

Earth took you away from me but I cannot just get angry at it
Because I learnt something at church that says,
“All of us will probably leave Earth by DEATH
Nothing else and when your time comes
There’s nothing you can do about it”

That’s when I accepted that you are no longer coming back.