Every broken heart, heals
Every broken wound, is mended
Every tear that falls, is wiped
Every pain that has been felt, goes through
A broken mind or heart,
Tears don’t stop coming,
I lost one of my favorite things.

Love was the first thing to fight for,
Thoughts came to me as if I wasn’t there,
Thoughts came to me with an advice of loving
This woman I’m in front of closing her eyes,
Not knowing what to do, a baby on her chest
Kept quiet as if everything was just fine,
I looked at her and said to myself:
I love this women, if she dies
I die too

Our phones were gone, I said nothing much,
Just to say; can you let her go instead of me,
They saw a baby and never said anything,
She opened her eyes, not seeing anything,
I asked her so many questions,
She was scared and never said anything,
I mean anything to me,
I was angry and felt so weak,

Only thing that kept me alive is her love
She really loves me,
She said rather than going back,
Come to me,
Rather than being killed,
Grow your child,
He’s still young, 6 months,
I stood there and listened to her,
I loved her instead of losing her.

I was stabbed before,
I was involved in so many conflicts,
She wasn’t there, so now that
She is here, I felt a difference,
I felt a change in me instead of,
Being hurt or being killed,
She is a type of a women I always

I love her more than any love I ever received,
Not from her, from my family,
She is the mother of my son,
She is the mother of my son
Anything happens for a reason.