It’s you…
I am glad I got to know you.
Cannot get over your smile.
This probably looks boring.
But there are just so many things I can’t explain when I am in your bosom.

As I write these lyrics.
You are always the one I think about.
Get inspiration from your eyes and smile.
There is nothing that can be better than that.

Why I love you this instance.
Thinking about it, I am glad it’s not a dream or myth.
You are a true reality for me.
There are so many things I am thankful for.
I count you as one of those.

When I compliment you.
Your constant smile always leave me weak at the knees.
You’ve got a valuable smile.
I can stare at it until sunset.

Your body gestures stunned me all the way through my spine.
I got lighter every time I hugged you.
It’s as if I should beg you daily to stay longer.
I will never let you get away from me.
You have captivated me with your warm embrace.

You started drifting through my mind.
When the first time I gazed at you.
That’s when I knew.
This feeling grew stronger when I was surrounded by you.
Everything felt like climbing a mountain each time.
You melted my heart away.
In a glimmering way melted honey for your love.