We claim to be a rainbow nation, but there’s still black clouds
Hanging on a black man’s head.
We claim to be loving, caring, and polite,
But the anger we have divides and destroys us.
Isn’t that my brother they’re killing out there?

He’s like most of us, why they wanna kill him
When he’s only here to work and provide for his own family?
Why are they stoning him?
Bemgxobha ngamatye bemngxangxathelisa egxadazela
Damn these people really have a problem.
What I was just askin is,
Isn’t that the brother we were chatting with just the other day?
Before they saw him as a threat and a thief to society.
Isn’t that my brother you are killing?

The fact that he is black and not from the south doesn’t mean he’s not African
And is here to divide us.
And the fact that he’s scared and has no relatives
Shouldn’t mean akanamthetheleli.
Therefore the fact that I now admit or claim to be one of them
Should I die too?
I could see from the distance that the guy they’re killing is the same as you and I.
But the question is
Isn’t that your brother you don’t want and need today after staying with him for so long?

I am an African who comes from the south.
So how am I different from the African who came from the east, west, or the north of this continent?
We are all African
But divided by directions, and yet you still murder your own flesh and blood.
Isn’t that your brother that you ask to speak your language,
And kill him if he can’t when you can’t even speak his own language?