Why is it that we fear change?
Why is it that we’re afraid of fear?

Why is it that we tear down because of fear?
Why is it that we fear failure?

Isn’t it true that change comes for the better?
Isn’t it true that failure builds us to be better?

Why are we afraid of adventure?
Isn’t true that life is an adventure?

Why are we afraid of living?
Isn’t it true that living is making decisions in life
Which in turn require change?

Isn’t it life that we wake up every new day on a fresh start and live it differently?
Isn’t it life that no matter what the clock ticks, time is moving for us to live?
Isn’t it life that we sometimes have to make the toughest decisions to live and love?
Isn’t it life that sometimes we’ve got to have faith and face it all?

Well, lastly, isn’t it life that we always fear the future,
That we always fear something that was never promised to anyone by anybody?
Isn’t it life, that we are afraid to live the life which was granted to us by the Almighty God?
Isn’t it? Isn’t life that no matter what we keep asking ourselves,
We continue to live and unless we decide to let it all pass,
We remain in the same spot without answers?

Well, I guess the answer to all these is that we’ve got to live.
We’ve got to accept our cans and can’ts and continue to live no matter what,
Because in the end, all we have is the present moment
And we’ve got to make it worth it, by living our lives in the now.