They all loved me
I needed nothing
They loved me as if I were their own.
They loved me unconditionally.

Parents passed away, still
they loved me.
They did everything with love,
took me to school like others.

As I grew up, problems started.
Growing into a young woman,
taking my own decisions in life,
they reminded me I’m an orphan.

My first year in college
was so happy. I saw life differently,
wanted to make my late parents proud.
Life was so difficult.

I wanted to quit school
but my performance resisted.
I was one of the top students
but still I had to make plan to survive.

Suicidal thoughts came my way.
I wanted to finish my own life,
but I remembered God loves me.
I remembered Mom loved me with all she had.

Dear orphan child, as time goes by,
you will be on your own. But God
gave you brain to use it
because He trusted you with it.
Make your own decisions that will lead you
to a better version of yourself.

All I need is to be successful
is to be a business woman,
to know how to stand on my own feet.
Is that too much to ask for?

I pray to God to help me find a way to be successful.
I seek out God to help me out till I reach the finishing line.
I seek help from Him because I know He is capable.
I seek guidance from Him so I can find what I did wrong.

My first sin was to be an orphan.