a well-refined history
remains as mystery –
Everything written down from the past
remains as theory or rather a conspiracy –
When Jesus was crucified,
none of us was there,
not even our great grandfathers;

What happened to Noah’s Ark?
Where are the remains of the dead,
I mean the likes of Moses and Matthew?
Where were they buried?
Did Adam and Eve ever get married,
Or they just cohabited like us?
“Sex before marriage is a sin”
I’ve seen a sin form a blessing (a child)
Did they intend on getting married
before they fell for a snake?

Why couldn’t You defeat Your enemy?
Why must I pray for my enemy
when they pray for my downfall?
Can Cassper forgive AKA?
Can You forgive the devil?
You had the power to force
the devil to repent
or face execution,
but You chose to find him
a place on earth –
We’re dying for Your sins
more than Jesus died for ours;
Oh well