It was at the crack of the dawn,
You came running like a rumbling thunderstorm,
Scrutinising our fertile land like a peeping Tom.
The women were crawling incisively like a millipede,
The helpless were creeping precisely like a tortoise,
Weeping for their beautiful, verdant piece of land.

But you embraced our land with a burst of laughter,
And a full bucket of merriment,
You squashed and tortured the lives of the Azanians
Slowly but surely,
And inculcated the demeanour of hatred among the Blacks,
Your hatred obliterated the capabilities of our people
Without considering that our colour does not define our abilities,
It subjugated them to the life of oppression and iniquity.

We granted you a moment to live some prodigal life with the
Wealth that you have stolen from our forefathers,
Now you’re sobbing like a sleepless child for our land,
We have no other alternative but to expropriate the land,
To confiscate land, it can’t be a sin,
But a justice to the young blood.