I’m not sure if I’m obsessed with her
Or controlled by my feelings
But it’s been seven years now

Seven years trying to get to her heart,
Seven years looking for sweet words to melt her heart,
Seven years trying to make her feel guilty for my
Broken heart,
But I end up the one getting hurt,

Well…seems like I got my size,
Things are not as easy as I thought they would be,
She doesn’t give a damn about my love
Or believe any of my words,

Truth is, I’m dying,
Lying from one partner to another
Saying, “She’s my sister, I can’t delete her number
But will try to chat with her differently”
Because of my love for her.
None of my relationships worked
Because of the love I have for her.
Is it normal?
That you get to dream of someone
That tells you in your ears that you will never be together,
That in the morning you get to explain
Why you were calling her name crying,
And begging while asleep. Continue feeding more lies
Because you’re protecting her and yourself from
Getting dumped, but at the end choosing to be dumped
Because you cannot go a day without
Chatting or looking at her pictures.

Is it still love?
Or am I obsessed?
That everything she does in my eyes seems so perfect,
That a small thing like “bbe” she says to me
Feels like it’s the best thing.
Tell me, guys, is this not a fling?
I mean I cannot find a difference any more
Between love and this feeling.
Am I going crazy, people?
Please help,
Help me get to show her how much she means to me,
I’m begging you, guys
I can’t do this any more
This love is painful and she’s my only cure,
Am I torturing myself?

I mean I’ve tried to get her out of my life
When she told me we would never date
But I couldn’t last a day,
Begged her to come back,
Is this not some symptom of getting demons?
Please guys, pray with me.
Be like Sam Smith, stay with me.
I need you…please help me.
These feelings are killing me,
Ruining my love life,
Please advise me,
How do I convince her,
How do I tell her
That I would kill for her
I would rather be a jailbird than see someone hurting her.

Is this still love?
Or am I too obsessed with her?
I’ve woken up in hospital
Three times with a panic attack,
Now I’m on depression treatment
And still I can’t have her
She’s on a second serious relationship
And I’m on my eighth.
I’m afraid that she might get married and
Leave me broken to death.
As I cannot bear a pain like that