When I look at society,
I see a lot of street kids fighting over a small piece of bread,
Like wrestling superstars fighting over a championship belt,
Their lands still compete for garbage,
As if there are no other people who have enough food in their houses to feed them.

When my eyes look at the graduates who have danced
In corridors of the colleges and universities,
Good-natured with knowledgeable books,
I see a lot of them owning a lot of degrees inside their wallets as if they are money,
Yet they are jobless and still swimming in the waters of Jobless River
Until the day they are going to marry the graveyard.

With sombre tears sliding slowly over my body like waterfalls
I still cry when my eyes see well educated people who are
poorer than those who did not even have time
to see the make-up of school,
My mouth keeps on asking me the question:
If education is a major key to our bright future,
why is education denying job opportunities to the graduates?

Our children suffered and spent sleepless days and nights to
harvest good grades in their education,
Now the good grades are changing like a
chameleon into shackles of pain.
If this is the case, why do our parents waste their
money to educate us?

As to those who are already successful in life,
Which schools did they attend to be employed
And reach that far?

When I look at the politicians
Building their mansions with the money they collect from our own taxes,
while we sleep in shacks,
houses that are dressed up with mud,
I cry like the Zambezi river with sombre tears,
Falling in my heart more than December rains.